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Welcome to the Periop Course Library. Our courses are designed by graduate-prepared educators and practicing clinicians to provide a theoretical foundation for strengthening your practice. While the wiki provides practical tips, these courses will give you the why and how behind what we do. All membership includes access to one course for free, and package pricing is available upon request.


Practice Overview

Ambulatory Surgery

  • Intro to Ambulatory Surgery
  • Video Preceptorship: Day 1 in Amsurg

Cardiovascular Surgery

  • Intro to Cardiovascular Surgery
  • Video Preceptorship: ICD insertion
  • Procedure: CABG (scrub and circulate)
  • Procedure: Aneurysm repair (scrub and circulate)

Ear, Nose, Throat Surgery (Otorhinolaryngology, ENT)

  • Intro to ENT
  • Video Preceptorship: Nasal surgeries

General Surgery

  • Intro to General Surgery

Labor and Delivery

  • Intro to the Labor & Delivery OR
  • Video Preceptorship: C-section


  • Intro to Neurosurgery


  • Intro to Obstetric and Gynecological Surgery

Eye Surgery

  • Intro to Ophthalmologic Surgery
  • Procedure: Oculoplastics (scrub and circulate)
  • Procedure: Retina & Vitreous (scrub and circulate)
  • Procedure: Cataract (scrub and circulate)

Orthopedic Surgery

  • Intro to Orthopedics
  • Procedure: Total Joint Replacement (scrub and circulate)

Oral Maxillofacial Surgery

  • Intro to OMF
  • Procedure: Cleft Palate Repair (scrub and circulate)
  • Video Preceptorship: Cleft Palate Repair

Pediatric Surgery

  • Intro to Pediatric Surgery
  • Video Preceptorship: Common Pediatric Procedures

Plastic Surgery

  • Intro to Plastics
  • Procedure: Breast Augmentation (scrub and circulate)
  • Procedure: Skin Graft (scrub and circulate)
  • Video Preceptorship: Skin Graft

Robotic Assisted Surgery

  • Intro to Robotics

Transplant Surgery

  • Intro to Transplants
  • Procedure: Liver Transplant (scrub and circulate)
  • Video Preceptorship: Liver Transplant
  • Procedure: Kidney Transplant (scrub and circulate)
  • Video Preceptorship: Kidney Transplant

Vascular Surgery

  • Intro to Vascular Surgery

Urological Surgery

  • Intro to Urology


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